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State and School Requirements
Requirement: Training

Parents and student athletes play a pivotal role in ensuring a student’s safety in extracurricular school sports. It is critical that parents and students learn the symptoms and dangers of sports-related head injuries and the elements of a safe return to play. Any student playing in extracurricular school sports and their parent must take the MDPH approved annual training every year. Below are options for this training: These trainings are free of charge to the athletes and parents. Parents will need to sign off both they and their child have completed the training during registration. This training only needs to be completed once every year. 

HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training

NFHS Concussion In Sports: Online Training

NFHS Concussions for Students: Online Training

Requirement: Baseline Testing 

Impact Test Website 

Impact testing establishes a base-line measurement of your "cognitive abilities". Notice it doesn't say "intelligence"! This isn't an IQ test, it's a test for things like reaction time, verbal memory, attention, and spatial relations. All things that can be affected when concussed.
These measurements show if, and how badly, a concussion is (should you get one at all). 

The Test is provided free of charge and needs to be completed once every year if an athlete is participating in any of the following sports.

Fall- Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Cheer

Winter- Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Ice Hockey, Girls Ice Hockey, Cheer, Wrestling, and Alpine Ski

Spring- Baseball, Softball, Boys Lacrosse, and Girls Lacrosse

Impact Test Link

Impact Testing Instructions

Requirement: Concussion Protocol

North Middlesex Regional High School has established the following Concussion Protocol for all student-athletes in our interscholastic programs, which is in compliance to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 111, Section 222. All parents and student athletes are expected to be familiar with its contents.
Any student-athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be removed from play immediately and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health-care professional.

Return To Play Policy 

The athlete must adhere to the following Return to Play Protocol:
  1. The student-athlete shall not return to the practice or competition during which the student suffered, or suspected to have suffered, a concussion.
  2. The student-athlete shall not resume extracurricular athletic activity until they have been cleared by the school’s health care professional (this person must be a Medical Doctor, Certified Athletic Trainer or other appropriately trained or licensed health care professional), or the family’s health care professional.
  3. This clearance must be in writing.(The clearance may not be on the same date on which the student was removed from play.)
“Away Contest Protocol:

If in the event that the Away team does not have an appropriately trained health care professional on staff any student who has sustained a possible concussion is “done for the day” and will not be cleared to re-enter play until seen by a health care professional.

Once clearance is received: 

Once the student-athlete has been cleared by the appropriate health care professional they will follow the schools 3 Day Return-To-Play protocol. Please note that if during any of these days signs and symptoms reappear they will be deemed ineligible and require new clearance for return to play.

Day 1: The first day back to play will involve light activities and drills only

Day 2: The second day back will involve light contact drills

Day 3: Live contact practice, no competition

Day 4: Student-athlete may resume full contact in game situation
Remember to keep the School Nurse, Coach and Trainer up to date!

 Contact Information

Athletic Trainer- Melissa Easley:
School Nurse- Meg Preston: