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Helmet Information by Sport
Sport Life Span Recondition/Recertification
Time Frame 
Football 10 Years Every Year School
Boys Lacrosse Varies Every 2 years Personal/School
Ice Hockey 5 Years Helmets are checked regularly (see below) Personal
Baseball Varies Every year to every other year
(depends on use)
Softball Varies Every year to every other year
(depends on use)
Please Note the Following:
  1.  Ice Hockey helmets are manufactured in Canada and have a five year life span. No companies currently offer a recondition or recertification service for Ice Hockey helmets within the United States. Helmets expiration dates are checked by the coaching staff at the beginning of each season to ensure they are still valid. Helmets are inspected throughout each season to check for any damage.
  2. Personal Helmets need to have the same colors as the school colors, and it is the responsibility of the owner to be reconditioned/re-certified.
  3. The school provides a Lacrosse helmet purchasing program through ComLAX. An order form is posted mid January for helmets to be purchased. Helmets need to be purchased this way to ensure they are not expired. Helmets bought through this program are heavily discounted and their are three styles and different sizes to choose from. All Lacrosse helmets that are purchased through the school will be sent off to be re-certified every two years at no cost to the student. 
  4. The school does provide baseball and softball helmets, using a personal helmet is a choice. The school reconditions/replaces  the department helmets every two years.