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Where can I find the athletic game schedules?
Visit and click on North Middlesex Regional High School.

Where do I register my student athlete for sports?

When does the sports season begin?
  • Fall sports- 3rd week of August Football starts the Friday before, all other sports Thursday.
  • Winter Sports- Monday after Thanksgiving
  • Spring Sports- 3rd Monday in March
How do I contact a coach?
All of the NM coaches emails are located under the quicklinks coaches tab and also can be found under the sport.

Does son/daughter need and updated physical?
Yes, a physical is good for 13 months to the date. Ex. If a physical was conducted on 4/15/14, that physical is good through 5/15/15.

How much are user fees?
  • High School Field Hockey, Golf, Soccer, Indoor/Outdoor Track, Lacrosse Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball Cheer, Football and Cross Country is $190.00.
  • Boys and Girls Ice hockey is $390.00.
  • Cooperative Teams (Gymnastics, Wrestling, Alpine Ski, and Swimming) pay the rate determined by the host school. 
  • Middle School and Unified Track fees are $100.00.
Can the user fee be waived?
  • Students that are on the free and reduced lunch program have the athletic fee waived. (Families must have applied and been accepted into the program in order to qualify)
  • Please contact the Athletic Director for extenuating circumstances.
By paying the user fee does this mean my son/daughter will play?
All students who pay the fee go to offset athletic expenses, a paid fee does not guarantee playing time, but the coaches do their best to get everyone involved.

How much are tickets to sporting events?
  • All games played at night are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students/seniors and children over 10.
  • Thanksgiving tickets are $8.00 each.
  • Basketball games are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students.
  • Ice Hockey $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for students.
  • Playoff tickets are subject to a price change due to MIAA requirements.
(All ticket prices are set by the School Committee)
Can my son/daughter play for more than one team during the season?
  1. At the high school, no. Only one sport person is allowed.
  2. Students can participate in recreation, club teams, and other programs during the same season; however, a high school student cannot miss or leave a game or practice early in order to attend another sporting event. The high school team is the 1st priority.
  3. In the event that your son or daughter does need to miss a practice please contact the Athletic Director well in advance so the school can apply for a waiver to allow the missing of an event or practice to occur.
Is equipment provided for all sports?
Equipment is provided for all sports with the exception of boy’s lacrosse and ice hockey.
  • Boy’s lacrosse-all protective gear and helmets is the responsibility of the player to acquire.
    • A helmet discount program is provided to the school through ComLax. All helmets worn must be of the school colors, navy red and white.
  • Ice Hockey- all equipment is the responsibility of the player to acquire and maintain
  • If a student does use their own equipment they do so at their own risk. If a student wants to wear their own baseball, softball, and football helmets/padding they must match the school colors and proof of certification is required for the equipment to be used.

Where can I find directions to away events?
Directions can be found on under the school and sport or on the under the school. 

How can I help out the athletic department?
Join the NM patriot Boosters and volunteer your time, attend meetings, and support our fundraising efforts.

Is my son/daughter required to do team fundraising, purchase team gear, and attend season workouts?
No, all team fundraising, gear purchases, and off-season workouts are optional.

Does my son/daughter have to ride the team bus home?
Yes, the students are expected to leave and come back as a team. In the rare event that this may not be possible, the student/parent must fill out the transportation waiver two days prior to the scheduled game